Shari Jordan

Shari Jordan: A Life Intertwined with Darkness

Born on May 8th, 1953, in Columbus, Ohio, Shari Jordan life took a dark turn when she entered a marriage that would connect her to one of the most notorious serial killers in American history. Her parents, Howard M. Jordan and Olive Jean Miller, provided her with a joyful upbringing until she entered into a marriage that would change the course of her life.

Marriage to Lionel Dahmer

Shari’s life became intricately linked to the Dahmer family when she married Lionel Herbert Dahmer. Lionel, a research chemist with ancestral roots in German and Welsh heritage, was the father of two sons, Jeffery and David, from his previous marriage to Joyce Dahmer.

Lionel’s marriage to Shari in 1978 marked the beginning of a new chapter for both of them. With this union, Shari took on the surname Dahmer, solidifying her place in Lionel’s family. The household now included Lionel, Shari, and Lionel’s elder son, Jeffery Dahmer, who would later become infamous for his heinous crimes.

Stepmother to a Serial Killer

Shari’s connection to the Dahmer family took a chilling turn as she became the stepmother of Jeffery Dahmer, a name that would be forever associated with gruesome murders and unimaginable acts of violence. Jeffery, Lionel and Joyce’s elder son, went on to commit a series of horrifying crimes that would shock the world.

Facing the Unthinkable

Despite the shocking revelations about Jeffery’s crimes, Shari and Lionel chose to stand by him during his trial, visiting him while he was incarcerated. Their emotions and motivations were openly discussed in various interviews. Shari, along with Lionel, expressed their belief that Jeffery suffered from mental illness and that a part of his soul had died long before his crimes.

A Life of Privacy

As the Dahmer name became synonymous with horror, Shari and Lionel chose to withdraw from the public eye, opting for a life of privacy rather than attempting to defend or justify Jeffery’s dreadful deeds. They aimed to prevent the emergence of another individual like Jeffery and to raise awareness about the importance of understanding motives to prevent future tragedies.

Shari’s Passing

Shari Jordan’s journey came to an end in 2012, when she passed away at the age of 58. She spent her final moments surrounded by the warmth of her grandchildren, leaving behind a complex legacy intertwined with the darkest aspects of human nature.

A Netflix Series and Literary Exploration

Shari’s life and her connection to Jeffery Dahmer’s story inspired a Netflix series titled “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffery Dahmer Story,” where her character was portrayed by actress Molly Ringwald. Meanwhile, Lionel Dahmer, Shari’s husband, penned two significant books, “A Father’s Story” (1994) and “Father’s Story a Pbp” (2021), offering readers insights into his tumultuous journey as a father of a serial killer and his own experiences grappling with the unimaginable.

In the end, Shari Jordan’s story is one of darkness and complexity, a journey that sheds light on the profound impact of a family’s connection to one of the most horrifying chapters in criminal history.

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