LEGO Technic History

LEGO® is one of the examples of how companies overcome despite adversity, reinvent themselves and grow as children and parents do. LEGO® is what it is thanks to the communication between the founder (the father) who had the vision and the son who developed the work of the father thanks to what they shared together.

We invite you to see best lego technic sets of all time with the children as an example of vision, overcoming and adaptation.

LEGO® a very wide universe of fun

The name LEGO was adopted by the company in 1934, formed from the Danish phrase “leg godt”, which means “play well”. The company has changed a lot since Ole Kirk Christiansen began injecting small plastic parts in 1949, but the idea is always in search of expansion. Currently they have developed films, video games, theme parks and they are not closed to continue innovating.

On digital, you can enjoy a free iPhone application, “Super Hero Movie Maker”, in which LEGO® fans make their own movies with their favorite characters. The application allows the production of short films using the stop motion technique, you just have to take a bunch of pictures, think about the story you want to tell, edit them on a timeline, generate the video and share it with friends or on social networks .

Accompany your entertainment with one of the most interesting proposals of the brand, Mindstorms: it is a robotics game for children and adults. It has basic elements of robotic theories, such as joining parts and programming actions interactively, and can be used to build an integrated system model with computer-controlled electromechanical parts. Virtually anything can be represented with the parts just like in real life, like an elevator or industrial robots.

You can also enjoy a social network, LEGO® Life, for Android and iOS, which has been created as a safe social network and designed for children to unleash their imagination and creativity. Although it is aimed at children under 13 years of age, the reality is that it is not difficult to create a profile on this platform for adults who love this giant construction game that focuses, above all, on sharing and enjoying the experiences of the LEGO® creations among users.

LEGO® has a variety of very interesting, practical and creative games that make parent-child play fun for both. Imagination is your limit!

Lego, a game of generations

LEGO® is possibly the most popular toy series among several generations. Your parents played with them, you too and your children will play with them. And although it is aimed at children, it is easy to create a game dynamic in which the whole family can participate.

How has LEGO® evolved into the new century?

With LEGO life, the brand opened up to the future. And it is that for cybersecurity issues, this network is monitored every day, to ensure the safety of children who use it, and also to nurture new ideas, report user needs and improve products based on what users make, comment and present.

Children do not share personal information on this platform. The avatar they have is randomly generated, so it’s not tied to their real version.

The comments and images created are filtered and moderated by an automatic filter and another filter by a human team, who verify that they meet the requirements and parameters established at the time of registration.

To be able to interact between users, only stickers, preconfigured responses and emoticons are allowed. The available content is only related to LEGO® and obviously, to the app’s internal advertising.

Gifts and crafts that we can do with LEGO®

LEGO® toys are not just for playing, and if you don’t know what we’re talking about, keep reading as we leave you with ideas for crafts with these toys.

For example, we can make a support for our mobiles, which in addition to being personalized, will also save us a little money and will be very resistant.

If you work from home and don’t want to have a boring desk, do a family project where the kids make an organizer that you can use in that designated office space in your home. In addition to being a family activity, it is an excellent detail that we can always have with us.

We can also make gift cards, a very original idea if you are looking to give a present to a child who is a fan of LEGO®, or you are organizing a themed birthday party.

LEGO® endure thanks to its versatility; they do not become a tedious gift or a boring dynamic when all family members participate to create new worlds for children and adults.


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