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When you’re looking to choose a company to do business with, it’s important to get as much information as possible. That’s where reviews come in. Reviews can help you make an informed decision when choosing a company and can also protect you from potential scams or shady dealings. If you’re looking for a trustworthy review source, check out PayBack Ltd. We’ve compiled a list of reviews that will give you an overview of what we’re all about and what our clients have had to say. Trust us, it’ll be worth your time!

What is PayBack Ltd?

PayBack Ltd. is a company that offers a service that allows customers to pay back creditors or debtors in installments, typically over several months. The company was founded by founder and CEO Reyad Khan in 2012.

PayBack has been praised for its innovative approach to debt repayment and its customer service. The company has received awards from Entrepreneur, Inc., Forbes, and Fast Company. In October 2016, PayBack announced that it had raised $60 million in Series C funding.

PayBack Ltd.’s core product is an installment plan designed to help people pay back their creditors or debtors in manageable payments over time. The company provides a wide range of plans to meet the needs of different customers, including short-term plans (up to six months) and long-term plans (up to 24 months). Customers can choose from three payment options: monthly payments (which are free with qualifying credit scores), automatic payments from their bank account, or direct deposits into their creditor’s account.

The PayBack service has been praised for its customer service and its ability to help people repay their debts in a manageable way. For example, Forbes wrote that “the team at Payback understands what it takes to get people out of debt–and they’re not afraid to talk tough.” The company has also received awards from Entrepreneur, Inc., Forbes, and Fast Company for its innovative approach to debt repayment and its stellar customer service.

How Does PayBack Ltd Work?

PayBack Ltd is a company that offers a service called PayBack. The service allows customers to pay back their debts, with interest, in installments. The company has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on RateMyPlans, and many users seem to be very satisfied with the service.

To use the PayBack service, customers sign up for an account and input their information. They then create a repayment plan, specifying the amount of debt they want to repay, the frequency of payments, and the interest rate. After creating their plan, customers can start paying back their debts.

The process is easy to use. Customers input their regular income into the repayment plan, and PayBack takes care of all the financial details. Plus, there are no fees associated with using the PayBack service.

Overall, users seem to be very satisfied with the PayBack Ltd service. Many say that it’s been helpful in getting them out of debt quickly and affordably. Overall, it looks like a great option for people looking for help getting out of debt quickly and affordably!

The Pros and Cons of PayBack Ltd


  1. Wide variety of repayment plans to choose from.
  2. Friendly and helpful customer service.
  3. Low APR and interest rates.
  4. PayBack Ltd is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which means they are a reputable company.
  5. Repayment options available for both personal and business loans.


  1. Limited repayment options available for some loans, such as car loans and student loans.
  2. Loan amount may not be enough to cover all costs associated with the loan, such as interest and fees.


PayBack Ltd is a company that promises to pay you back with interest for any debts you might have. After reading this article, I think it would be safe to say that there are several major problems with this company. First and foremost, PayBack doesn’t actually have any money – it’s just a scam designed to take your money. Secondly, even if they did have the funds to repay debtors, it would probably only amount to a fraction of what they’re asking people. And finally, PayBack isn’t licensed by the government or any other governing body, so it’s not really legitimate at all. If you want to get your money back from someone who owes you something, don’t use PayBACK Ltd – go somewhere else! 

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