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How to plan a wedding with close friends and family

Gathering 300-400 friends, family, distant relatives require a lot of planning and organization. Many would-be-couples sweat at the thought of the pressure involved in all such plannings. These days, most couple try to avoid all the hustles to large functions and ceremonies. Intimate ceremonies with close friends and family is the new trend in modern world. though it seems simple enough to make plans for such small ceremonies, there are various nuances to consider. Here we have listed a few important aspects of planning a small wedding with friends and family.

Shortlist invitees well in advance

The trickiest part of a small wedding is shortlisting the guests. When you are trying to keep the list within 20-50 members, you have to eliminate many people. This will take a lot of time and consideration. Make excel sheets listing and categorizing the guests to simplify the sorting process. Discuss with immediate family members to make sure no misunderstandings occur in the future.

RSVP and digital invitation

Digital invitation is the simplest solution in these times. Prepare a e-card for the wedding invite and sent it out at the earliest to all the guests. Make sure you add a RSVP with a feasible deadline. This will help you estimate how many guests turn up. you can easily place order for catering and return gifts when you have concrete guest list to work with. Also, if someone cancels or does not confirm, you can always invite another guest you initially left out. But it is best to keep arrangements to accommodate at least 5 extra guests.

Place order for outfits and rings in time

Whether you are getting women’s plain wedding rings or the wedding gown- it will take time to have them customized. Hence, make sure you place the order well in advance. This way, you can ensure there is no last-minute rush with either of these items. Also, you can get more time for altering the outfit if required. Same applies to the wedding ring if last-minute adjustments are required.

The wedding cake

The wedding cake is the most important highlight of the day for many households. But make sure the cake is just the right size to cater to all guests. Do not choose extravagantly big cakes which will only end up getting wasted. Place order for the cake in advance and choose bakeries closer to the venue. Accidents causing the cake to get spoiled on the way can be avoided when the bakers are close by.

Delegate tasks to family members

Especially for small and intimate ceremonies, it is best to involve the family members as much as possible. Delegate the different tasks to family members and be the coordinator of the scenario. This reduces a lot of pressure on the bride or the groom.

Food should be the priority

Since, it is a small ceremony, food will be the focus. Ensure you do not compromise on the quality of food in any way. Choose the best caterer in the areas. Since a lot of cost get reduced as the ceremony is limited, you can spend more on food.

From catering to jewellery there are various aspects of a wedding. Especially for the jewelleries, the best solution would be reputed jewellers in Hatton Garden. Ensure your new life begins smoothly with the closest friends when you can easily streamline the wedding ceremony.

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