An bumper car, likewise called auto-enclose Alsace, auto-bike in Belgium, auto-Camors in Normandy (named after a Foraine family today accomplished in the activity of apparition trains), crash mobile in the Nord, or auto-butante or auto-abutante in Mayenne, is a little two-seater electric vehicle safeguarded by shock-retaining cushions, and which fills in as a funfair fascination by slamming into other comparative vehicles on a track. Newbabywish is an online store where you can buy bumber cars and it show details of every cars which you want to buy.


Pantograph of a bumper car

It draws its energy from a stock bar commonly positioned at the back of the vehicle and which interfaces it to a metal electrical stockpile lattice introduced over the track. The stock voltage is immediate current, of the request for 90 to 100 volts and the positive (+) is applied to this aeronautical metal network and the mass, for the arrival of the current is the sheet metal surface on the ground accurately associated with the corpse of the entertainment ride and to earth (zero potential) to stay away from any gamble of electric shock.


The act of bumper cars is by and large not suggested for individuals who can’t endure light shocks, like exceptionally little youngsters, pregnant ladies or slight old individuals.

There are, notwithstanding, bumper cars, exceptionally intended for kids, which go more slow, accordingly impact less unequivocally however work similarly.


  • Amphibian Bumper Cars
  • Air-padded bumper cars

Guard boats

There is additionally an oceanic adaptation of the fascination: guard boats, the sea-going variation, driven by a battery.

Made out of a huge float, a seat and a motor, a few models are even made out of water firearms, then moving toward the Splash Battle.

On air cushion

Amusement carts were furthermore developed as air pad vehicle. Extraordinarily by Walt Disney Imagineering for Luigi’s Roamin’ Tires at Disney California Adventure or for the past Disneyland Flying Saucers interest.


Some fun-mobiles include safety belts to keep a mishap or minor injury from happening. Wearing a safety belt is suggested and might be compulsory.

Reasons to prefer an electric car

Currently, both electric and fuel-powered cars are equipped with a large number of driving aids and safety systems: ABS, automatic braking, pedestrian detection, cameras, stability control, etc.

However, there are other factors to consider when evaluating the level of safety of cars. Next we will see reasons that can tip the balance towards electrified vehicles.

There is less risk of fire

Unlike fuel-powered cars, the chance of an electric car catching fire as a result of an accident is extremely low. In fact, studies carried out by insurance companies indicate that the risk of a fire after a collision is 4 times lower in electric cars.

Another element in favor of the safety of the electric car is that the batteries have a safety system that incorporates a series of sensors; when these detect a collision, a process is initiated that cuts the high-voltage cables. This prevents damage to both the passengers and the battery.

Additionally, before going on sale, the batteries are subjected to many tests that guarantee their resistance to fire and extreme temperatures, vibrations and even overcharging.

On the contrary, given the highly flammable nature of fossil fuels, there is a high risk of explosion after an accident. And even with today’s car security systems, the possibility of a fire is always greater in gasoline or diesel cars.

Electric cars have greater stability and less inertia

It is true that electric cars are heavier than combustion cars due to the mass of the batteries; however, the low location of the batteries lowers the vehicle’s center of gravity; this, in turn, gives the car greater stability and reduces the risk of tipping over.

It’s the same principle that applies to racing cars: a low center of gravity ensures better cornering grip and less chance of tipping over, no matter what the speed.

As electric cars do not have a gearbox, there is a greater possibility of reaction in a dangerous situation, such as the need to reduce speed abruptly or when overtaking.

For its part, the reduction in inertia in electric cars is due to both the smaller motor and the maximum instantaneous torque. All these conditions translate into a better driving experience: the car feels closer to the ground, it has greater stability even at high speeds and it has more grip when cornering.

Automotive Design Favors Safety

One of the determining factors in the design of combustion cars is precisely the size and weight of the engine. In the case of electrified vehicles this is not a concern, as both size and weight allow designers to focus on occupant safety.

On the other hand, one of the greatest risk factors in the case of fuel cars is the possibility that, in a crash, the vehicle’s engine could penetrate the passenger compartment. In electric cars these motors are small and located very low, so there is no way they could be dangerous.

As for the battery, its location allows the design of electric cars to give the cabin greater rigidity. This, instead of posing a risk, translates into extra protection for passengers in the event of a side impact.

And most importantly, its small size makes it possible to design programmed deformation zones, which absorb the impact, thus protecting the vehicle’s occupants.

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