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Boost Collaboration and Communication with Microsoft Teams: 5 Essential Features

Discover the key features of Microsoft Teams that can revolutionize collaboration and communication in your workplace. Explore the power of real-time communication, file sharing and collaboration, team channels, and seamless integration with other tools. Unleash the full potential of Microsoft Teams and boost productivity within your team.

In today’s digital era, where remote work and virtual collaboration have become the norm, businesses need robust tools to facilitate effective collaboration and communication.

For many organisations around the world, Microsoft Teams has emerged as the ideal solution for collaboration and communication in the modern business world. With its comprehensive suite of features tailored specifically for modern workplaces, Microsoft Teams is revolutionizing the way teams work together.

One company we spoke with – TechQuarters, a London-based Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner (CSP) – agreed that Teams is ideal for fostering a culture of high-speed, flexible communication. As a notable IT support company London-based organisations have used extensively in the past, they have relied on Teams a great deal over the past few years, and relayed the key values it brings to an organisation.

Chat and Messaging

The chat functionality in Microsoft Teams is very robust, incorporating plain and rich text, file-sharing, images, video and multimedia, and a number of other valuable features that support quick and efficient collaboration.

Users in Teams can create both private and group chats with colleagues, allowing for both confidential conversations, and collaborative conversations.

Teams’ integration with other Microsoft 365 apps, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneDrive, allow for easy file and content sharing within chats.

Video and Audio Calls

Teams enables businesses to make both video and audio calls from within the platform.

Having provided small business IT support London-based companies have relied on for over 10 years, TechQuarters witnessed first hand the boom in use of virtual communications solutions during periods of enforced remote working during COVID-19. Now, as hybrid working grows in popularity, Teams remains a powerful tool to bridge the gap between remote and on-premises employees.

Videoconferencing in Teams offers a rich, intuitive experience. For example, Teams’ Microsoft 365 integration allows for seamless content sharing from PowerPoint and Excel. Microsoft Whiteboard also enables participants to visualise ideas and brainstorm in a video meeting.

Teams is also a fully-functional VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution, allowing every user to make telephone calls from within the platform. This means users no longer need a separate business telephone.

Teams and Channels for Collaboration

Within the platform, Teams has its own digital workspace model. Teams within Microsoft Teams are digital spaces that users can be members of. Within a team, there are channels, which offers a means of dividing topics and conversations. For example, there might be a Marketing Team, and within it, there will be different channels dedicated to different campaigns.

Within each Channel, there are tabs for posting and adding files, as well as the option to add different apps into additional tabs (such as OneNote, Asana, etc.)


Teams has undoubtedly emerged as a transformative tool for modern workplaces, revolutionizing collaboration and communication.

By leveraging the chat and messaging functionality, video and audio calls, file sharing and collaboration features, team channels and collaboration spaces, and integration capabilities, organizations can enhance productivity, facilitate seamless communication, and drive successful outcomes.

Teams can be leveraged by all types of organisation, for all types of purposes. For example, TechQuarters has provided IT support for education providers where Teams proved to be a transformative solution (especially during COVID-19 restrictions), and made just as big an impact as in a B2B company.

With Microsoft Teams as their ally, any organization can unlock a new era of productivity and teamwork, paving the way for growth and innovation.

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