Basic Tips To Boost Your New Instagram Account

Define the goals that adjust to the type of commercial strategy that is shown, directing this traffic to where it is required. Make the account visible, making it easier to find. This involves naturally gaining followers from those users who spot you on Instagram.

Associate your Instagram account to your other social networks, being able to exchange followers or inviting your followers to follow you on other social networks. It is one of the best ways to gain more followers on Instagram. Provide links to your Instagram account on your website, increasing its visibility to all your readers.

Increase your activity on Instagram, interacting with your target audience and other followers. Act naturally, like some photos so that you too gain more likes on Instagram, follow certain people, reply to comments. Feedback helps to empathize with users and attract new users, in addition to increasing visibility on the network.

Use relevant hashtags according to your content, so that they can find you in various ways and attract people interested in the content you share. Ask for actions on your posts, ask them to tag their friends, generate questions to receive comments.

Find out the best time to post. Come up with a theme to publish in series and see which one gets the most interaction that will be the best time to make your publications.

The good use of hashtags increases your visibility

Hashtags seem to be despised by those who do not yet know their potential; they seem to be static and do not add any value to the publication. The truth is that each hashtag groups certain publications. This allows you to segment your target audience, capture users who do not follow you, but who arrived thanks to the hashtag used in your publications.

Instagram has the option to follow a hashtag, its operation is similar to a profile that accumulates all the publications made with a certain hashtag. This will significantly increase the interactions on your account, achieving more likes on Instagram.

Other techniques that can work on Instagram

A good technique to interact with your followers is to create contests and raffles in which the winner gets their own product. You can also buy followers from These raffles are accompanied by requiring certain actions in return that will greatly help the growth of the account. This strategy will help you gain more followers on Instagram exponentially.

One of the most commonly used techniques to gain more likes on posts is to generate the best possible content over a series of posts. In this way, those users who observe your account will identify with said content, being able to position you a good image on Instagram in a short time.

Do you want your business to succeed on Instagram?

At Goread we have professionals who can take care of creating or updating your Instagram profile to turn it into a key tool to get contacts and professional opportunities according to your business.

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